About Me

Hello K.D. Montana here:

I started this beard oil conditioner blog to finally find the right products to make beards look and feel amazing.

I am currently a barber and have been owning a barbershop for over 11 years now. My experience as a barber and with my clients has made maintaining a beard  a challenge over the course of the years. This experience has taught me to seek out the proper all natural beard oils that keep the beard looking fool and soft to the touch.  There are many products that make your beard look good, but does harm to the skin, hair root, and hair follicles.  Choosing the wrong products can do permanent damage to these roots and your beard.

So, after trying multiple products for my beard and on my clients and spending lots of money “experimenting” with countless products; I came for the purpose of creating this blog/website to act as a resource for beard lovers.

If you are looking for what I consider the best beard oil on the market, check out my homepage.

==> The beard oil I recommend.

Good Luck and God Bless!